Sunday, 8 January 2012

First Ones Here on Motionographer

I'm very proud to say that the film I made with some very talented animators at Newport Film School has been featured on the prestigious Motionographer website. The site is a showcase for innovative animation, visual effects and motion graphic work. Here's how they describe themselves:
Motionographer seeks to be a source of inspiration for filmmakers, animators and designers by sharing: outstanding work from studios, freelancers and students feature stories that give readers a closer look at influential studios and individuals commentary that sparks discussion or introspection about the creative process miscellaneous items that Motionographer contributors find interesting.
Click the image to visit the post where you can also view the film on vimeo. The film was also featured on the following collections on vimeo; Kailash Media's Meeting on the Mountain, Tim McCourt's Peg Bar and Grill, Aziz Kocanaogullari's Everything Animated, Animated Review, Mia Font's Stop4motion, Design Collector's TV and Pristina as well as a host of other blogs and websites.