Saturday, 16 January 2010

Character Performance

I had wanted my puppet to walk into the space, falling under a spotlight, and notice the camera but unfortunately it turned out the armature was not strong enough to hold the clay I had covered it with. I guess you always have to use ball and socket when working with plasticine. Change of plan. I quickly built a box and made a pint glass for him to hold. He would now be propped up against a bar and would talk from there. I still managed to get movement out of the upper body to convey his character. Turned out ok and there were some nice bits but a few things still not quite right. Will post on YouTube soon.
Character Performance

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Jamesense said...

hey Joe, this all looks pretty impressive.
Came across an article of yours in Imagine magazine and the Sans Frontieres group sounds brilliant. Hope this Stop-motion lip synch went well, by the looks of it you had a great set-up.
I've linked you on my website hope you don't mind.
James Lewis