Tuesday, 18 January 2011

We Weren't The First Ones Here

An old house holds memories and stories of its past inhabitants

A film I made last year with a great team at Newport Film School has been nominated for an award at Ffresh Festival in Wales. The team were: Kate Broadhurst, Emma-Rose Dade, Helen Dallat and Daisy Gould with music by Mr Jack Vaughan. Vocal talents: Catherine McKinnon, Adam Peck, Edith Woolley.
The film is being screened in the same programme as a couple of friends of mine, Ben Cady and Luiz Lafayette Stockler. For screening details go here.


Stefano Tambellini said...

beautiful shot! i'm curious to see this one and also your graduation film! I'll follow the blog to see more..
Good luck,

Joseph Wallace said...

Thank you Stef, actually I will put this film on vimeo soon so I will send you the link when I do. I hope you're well.